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This is a collaborative web space. This is a space where all of us in the class can edit and contribute. This Wiki will change as we all act as editors. Please notice that there is a page listed on the left side of the navigation bar called "Digital Media Questions". This is the first page of this Wiki that we will edit as a class. This gives us a chance to practice with the Wiki in an informal and low-stakes manner. You will need to join the Wiki in order to edit it. You will need a user name. It is okay to NOT use your real name. As long as I know your code name you should feel free to use this instead of your real name. Your email will never show on this Wiki.

This wiki will be accessible long after the class is over. Therefore, I believe it is a good place to share resources and ideas so that this space is available to you later. I am acting as the wiki manager and you will act as wiki participants and editors. You may decide that you like using a wiki or after this class you may decide that you do not. This is a free wiki site for educators for those of you who may want to use this in your classrooms.



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